Paradise, Michigan


Paddle SafelyTraversing the waterways of the Tahquamenon area is an opportunity to create special memories for each member of your family.  Exploring the flora and fauna of the Tahquamenon River, Shelldrake River, Two-Hearted River, Tahquamenon Rivermouth, and the shore line of Lake Superior offers opportunities for the novice as well as the experienced paddler.  Lake Superior’s shores have been outlined on the Michigan Water Trails Site identifying the Shipwreck Coast Water Trail (Bayshore Park to the Whitefish Point Light Station), Whitefish Bay Water Trail (Whitefish Point Harbor to the Tahquamenon Rivermouth Campground) and the Hiawatha Forest Water Trail (Bark Dock to Point Iroquois Lighthouse).

Not familiar with paddling?  The Woods, Tahquamenon River Canoe and Kayak Rentals offers guided experiences of varying lengths of time and skill levels.  Experience paddling this summer or fall and take advantage of a guide to gain greater knowledge of the beauty that abounds.

Michigan’s Paradise Photo Contest

Sunrise OpportunitiesTurn one of your favorite Paradise photos into a chance to win a $100 gift card! The Paradise Area Tourism Council is calling for photo contest entries from residents and visitors to Michigan’s Paradise. Find out how to send in your photo and contest details at Experience Michigan’s Paradise Photo Contest.

Michigans Paradise