Autumn Color

Tahquamenon Upper Falls in Autumn

Midwest Living identified this region as one of the top 30 areas in the Midwest to see Fall Color. Paradise is a central staging area for a number of popular color routes in the eastern upper peninsula. Whether you drive one of these routes by car, hike the North Country National Scenic Trails, or explore the many multiple use trails with ATVs, you will not be disappointed as you experience the color palette in the Paradise area.  The Weather Channel offers periodic updates of fall foliage progress at this link for Fall Foliage Reports.

Popular Color Routes

  • Mighty Mac Bridge to Paradise Travel north on I-75 across the Mackinac Bridge. Take Exit 352 for M123 N toward Newberry. Stay on M123 N to Paradise Michigan. Approx. 70 miles.
  • Curley Lewis Scenic Highway From Paradise, travel south on M-123, take the Curly Lewis Scenic Highway #221 to Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Bay Mills, Brimley and Sault St. Marie. Approx. 55 miles.
  • Whitefish Point Lighthouse From Paradise, take M-123 north, to the blinking light, do not turn, but continue north on Whitefish Point Road to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, capture brilliant colors in your photographs with the Whitefish Point Lighthouse in the background. Approx. 9 miles.
  • Paradise to Grand Marais From Paradise go West of M123 to Newberry, then west on 28 to Seney National Wildlife Refuge, then North on 77 to Grand Marais. Approx. 88 miles.
  • Grand Marais to Paradise An alternate route is H58 from Grand Marais east toward Paradise. It is a rough rural road but if you are equipped with 4 wheel drive and you don’t mind a bit of dirt, it has spectacular trees and you will drive slow. Don’t count on your GPS in some of these remote areas. Approx. 88 miles.
  • Tahquamenon Scenic Heritage Byway M123 North of M28 to Paradise, then west past Tahquamenon State Park to Newberry, ends on M-28. Travel M-28 east to complete the circle. Approx 56 miles.
  • Paradise to Crisp Point Light House From Paradise take M-123 West toward Tahquamenon Upper Falls. Past the falls take Country Road 500 North, follow the signs. This route works best in dry weather and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Approx. 38 Miles
  • Paradise to Munising From Paradise, take M-123 West to Newberry, take M28 west to Munesing. Approx. 110 miles
  • Paradise to Point Iroquois Light House From Paradise, travel south on M-123, take the Curly Lewis Scenic Highway #221 to Point Iroquois Light House. Approx. 38 miles
  • North Country National Trail

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  1. Who was Curley Lewis? I’ve tried to find information online about who he was, but can’t find anything.

    1. Curley Lewis was a local business man. He was very active in the area during the 1945 – 1970 time frame. He worked well with the state legislature in procuring a number of services to the area for the benefit of residents as well as businesses. A number of the businesses he established are still in operation but under different ownership.

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