Summer Recreation

Summer Recreation in Paradise, Michigan includes the hymns of songbirds in an ancient hemlock forest, the cool breeze off Lake Superior touching your face, and the tranquility that comes from the active enjoyment of a beautiful wilderness. Woodland trails welcome hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Lake Superior and the flowing waters of the Two Hearted and Tahquamenon River greet paddlers and fisherman. Paradise, Michigan invites you to enjoy the best of their summer recreational opportunities!


 Hiking Trails

hikingphotoGo hiking in Michigan right here in Paradise! What better way to experience the natural beauty of the Paradise region than to travel its numerous Upper Michigan Hiking trails. Pack a snack, water bottle, bug spray, and map and head for the trails! With routes of various difficulties featured throughout Tahquamenon Falls State Park and Hiawatha National Forest, your stay in Paradise has many UP hiking trails waiting for you to discover!





North Country  National Scenic Trail

The North Country Trail stretches 4,600 miles across seven states from New York to North Dakota, making it America’s longest Scenic Trail. The trail winds its way through the Upper Peninsula and passes south of Paradise along the Tahquamenon River before heading north to the Lake Superior shoreline, highlighting some scenic locations to go hiking in Michigan. Visitors traveling from Paradise interested in UP hiking will find the North Country Trail accessible from the Rivermouth campground and the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon Falls.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Clark Lake Loop – 5.2 miles: Trail accessed from Clark Lake road, 11 miles southwest of Paradise. Complete the hike to Clark Lake, a nice spot for a picnic or snack on the bordering ancient sand dunes.

River Trail – 4.8 miles: The trail between the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon Falls. Exposed roots, hilly terrain and several staircases make this trail difficult. The River Trail travels along the Tahquamenon River and is considered the most scenic trail in the park.

Emerson Trail – 1 mile: Located near the Rivermouth Campground on the Tahquamenon River. The last 200 foot section of the trail leading to Whitefish Bay remains incomplete, and is difficult, but possible to navigate. For birding enthusiasts, the trail head presents opportunities to hear songbirds.

Nature Trail – .5 miles: Carpeted with ferns during the summer months, this trail offers hikers an alternative route on their journey from the Upper Tahquamenon Falls to the parking lot. Birding enthusiasts have reported many sightings on this trail during the spring. Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome.

Wilderness Loop – 7.4 miles: Hikers are led through the most remote areas of the park among old hemlock forests and peatland areas. The trail features a beaver pond and dam on the loop’s eastern portion. As ferns grow taller in mid-summer, the trail becomes increasingly difficult to follow. It is recommended for advanced hikers only.

Giant Pines Loop – 3.8 miles: This loop offers hikers the sights and sounds of ancient hemlocks, bubbling streams, and the occasional active woodpecker. The highlights of the trail are two giant white pine trees left over from the late 1800’s logging era.

Leashed dogs are welcome on these State Park hiking trails!

Visit Michigan DNR or call 906 492-3415 for trail maps and additional information.

Hiawatha National Forest Trail

Mcnearney Ski Trail– Four loops totaling 9 miles: Located approximately 5 miles north of Strongs Corner. Hilly and forested countryside laid atop ancient sand dunes make this trail an attractive adventure for the interested hiker.

Horseshoe Bay Hiking Trail – 1 mile: Located just off of I-75 at Foley Creek National Forest Campground, 5 miles north of St. Ignace. A portion of the trail crosses wetlands known to attract ducks, great blue herons, and bald eagles to the shore. Beaches are close by, offering hikers a refreshing reprieve from the warmth of a summertime hike. 100% flat terrain makes this trail an easy hike for the whole family to enjoy!

Trout Lake Rail Trail – 25 miles: South trail head accessed under the I-75 underpass at the M-400 junction, North trail head accessed at the M-123 and H-40 junction at Trout Lake. 100% flat terrain makes this trail an easy hike. The south section of the trail is part of the North Country Trail.

St. Martin Cross Country Ski Trail – Two loops totaling 4.5 miles: Located 6 miles west of Hessel on M-134. Features 40% moderate and 60% flat terrain and is rated easy. Eagles, hawks, and deer have been spotted along the trail. The trail is not maintained during the summer, which may make locating the trail difficult.

Sand Dunes Cross Country Ski Trail – 7 loops ranging from 1.5 to 7.6 miles: Located 11 miles west of St. Ignace. Ascend across the slopes of a hardwood forest and experience the natural scenery of the Hiawatha National Forest. The trail features some steep hills and is rated easy to moderate.

Ridge Trail1 mile: Located in the Brevoort Lake National Forest Campground. The trail takes about 20 minutes to travel and features interpretive signs along the way. Terrain is moderate.



bikingphotoHundreds of miles of trails and rural roadways offer scenic riding experiences through the Upper Peninsula for families, groups, and individual bikers. Hit the trails of the Paradise region today!

Whitefish Point Road – 11 miles: The perfect trail for the adventurous sightseer! Bike the scenic route along North Whitefish Point Road from Paradise to Whitefish Point, taking in both the tremendous historic and recreational opportunities offered by Paradise.

Paradise Pathway – Two loops totaling over 6 miles: Located just 1 mile west of Paradise on M-123. Hundreds of miles of additional logging roads are available in the immediate region for the curious rider to travel.


Emerson Trail – 1 mile: Bikers are welcome on this Tahquamenon Falls State Park trail located near the Rivermouth Campground on the Tahquamenon River. The last 200 feet of the trail leading to Whitefish Bay remains incomplete, but will be found passable by the adventurous rider!

Canada Lake Pathway – 14 miles: Located 5.5 miles SE of Newberry traveling M-123, M-28, and Co. Rd. 403. Bikers can enjoy seeing wildlife along the trail.

Trout Lake Rail Trail – 25 miles. South trail head accessed under the I-75 underpass at the M-400 junction, North trail head accessed at the M-123 and H-40 junction at Trout Lake. 100% flat terrain. The south section of the trail is part of the famous North Country Trail.

Mcnearney Ski Trail – Four loops totaling 9 miles. Located approximately 5 miles north of Strongs Corner. Hilly and forested countryside laid atop ancient sand dunes makes this trail an attractive scenic adventure for the interested mountain biker.

North Country Trail – Bikers are welcome to travel along the famous North Country Trail! Travelers from Paradise can easily access the trail head from Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Trail is rated moderate to difficult.



paddlingphotoPaddling opportunities wait for you along the shores of Lake Superior and the banks of the Two Hearted and Tahquamenon rivers. So pack up, head out, and enjoy the view from the water on your Paradise paddling adventure!

Two Hearted – The Two Hearted River boasts several excellent canoeing locations of various difficulties. Canoeists seeking a challenge should consider traveling the South Branch, East Branch, and the mainstream above Reed and Green Bridge. The mainstream below the Reed and Green Bridge offers a more casual and relaxing journey, and is perfect for the less experienced canoeist. Wildlife enthusiasts have the opportunity to spot bear, fox, moose, and other species native to the Upper Peninsula. In the open fields south of the East Branch, you can usually find Michigan’s largest and most majestic bird, the sandhill crane.

You can learn more about guided canoe trips and additional lodging options near the Two Hearted River at

Tahquamenon River – Take in the beauty of the Tahquamenon River during a leisurely paddle from the Lower Tahquamenon Falls to the Tahquamenon Rivermouth. Blue jays, warblers, kingfishers, beaver, river otter, and more have been spotted near the river! The journey from the lower falls to the rivermouth is recommended for experienced paddlers only as it takes 6 hours to complete and opportunities to bring your canoe/kayak ashore to rest are infrequent.

If a full paddling trip between the falls and rivermouth seems too overwhelming, don’t be discouraged! A weaker current allows paddlers to enter the Tahquamenon River at the Lower Tahquamenon Falls and explore on their own route and time schedule. It’s even easy to paddle upstream! Don’t forget to pack a snack and bug spray!

Additional information regarding canoe/kayak rentals and paddling tours on the Tahquamenon River can be found here

Rivermouth Campground -Take the 1 mile paddle around Marsh Island, just off the rivermouth, and explore its many coves and inlets, or travel in the shallow waters along the shore of Lake Superior, stopping to explore Emerson Island along your way. Always take care when traveling the waters of Lake Superior. Small boat adventures are best taken on a calm day!

Horseback Riding

wildridgestablesOpen May 1st thru January 31st, Wildridge Riding Stables offers guided Horseback Riding tours suitable for individual riders or the entire family! Ride one of their 8 gentle horses and witness the beauty of the Paradise wilderness in the summertime, take in the changing colors of an Upper Peninsula autumn, or travel over freshly fallen snow in the winter. Whether you’re a beginning or expert rider, young or old, Wildridge Riding Stables invites you along for a truly unique adventure in Paradise! Located just west of Paradise on M-123.


For additional information on the Wildridge Riding Stables, or to book your guided tour, visit



underwaterpreserve-creditThe waters surrounding Whitefish Point are dotted with numerous historic shipwreck sites, many of them moored for preservation and open to recreational diving.

Peak diving times are in July and August. Launches are available at Whitefish Point, Little Lake Harbor, Tahquamenon Bay, Brimley State Park, and Bay Mills.

Diving tanks may be filled at Curley’s Paradise Motel!

*Remember, removing artifacts from these shipwreck sites is illegal. Sites must remain undisturbed by divers. Always exercise extreme caution and watch for other boaters. The depths of dive sites may vary considerably. Please make certain that your equipment and diving abilities are appropriate for any dives you are considering. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own diving gear. Equipment rentals are not available in the Paradise area.

Additional information on diving in the area can be found at
For current conditions call Mike Cook at 906-420-0439.



fishingphotoLooking for a relaxing fishing experience in a rich natural environment? These Paradise fishing hotspots have you covered!

Tahquamenon River – Fishing is welcome along the entire Tahquamenon River. Trout can be caught in the rapids above the Lower Falls. The rivermouth is a popular fishing location featuring walleye, pike, perch, smallmouth bass, and rock bass.

Two Hearted River – 30 miles northwest of Paradise. Features a healthy population of trout in its main branches, tributaries, and side ponds.



Whitefish Bay/Lake Superior – Fish from the shoreline or from your boat and experience the beauty of Lake Superior while you await the big catch!

Andrus Lake – 6 miles north of Paradise. 31 acres in size. Features largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, and panfish. Campground on site.

Muskallonge Lake State Park – 55 miles northwest of Paradise. 700 acres in size. Features northern pike, walleye, perch, panfish, and smallmouth bass. Great location for paddling adventures as well! Camping sites are available and may be reserved for use.

Shelldrake Dam – 8 miles north of Paradise. Features bluegill, perch, and northern pike. Location is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts as it has been flooded to attract wildlife!

Clark Lake – Trail accessed from Clark Lake Road 11 miles southwest of Paradise, with lake access by foot. Features brown catfish.


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